Check out Arabica Chai - light bodied and zesty.
Check out Arabica Chai - light bodied and zesty.

Are your customers looking for a new plant-based beverage to try? We have four exciting new flavors of Coffee Leaf Tea. Yup, tea made from the finest Arabica coffee leaves. We pluck ‘em, dry ‘em, and brew ‘em for a great taste sensation. Here’s the story:


Although new to the United States, Coffee Leaf Tea has been a traditional beverage in Indonesia and Ethiopia for hundreds of years for its mild, delicious flavor, and its ability to fight disease, calm the nerves, and clear the mind. That would be reason enough to try it, but Coffee Leaf Tea is sparking an economic revolution aiding tens of thousands of people in Central America’s coffee growing region.

Instead of being ignored or abandoned, coffee leaves are being harvested nine months of the year. That means coffee growers can actually make a steady profit and their workers can be employed longer than the traditional three-month coffee bean harvest period. This stabilizes the workers’ lives with permanent homes versus migrating every few months for work. With a steadier source of income, they can contribute to the local economy; feed, clothe, and house their families, and even keep their kids in school.


The leaves of the coffee trees are plucked, then roasted, crumpled, cut, or ground into a powder, available to brew like you would your favorite herbals, loose leaf or in teabags. Suggested steeping time is 5 minutes. Not to worry about over steeping as these leaves never get bitter.

The ultimate test, however, is in the taste. Coffee Leaf Tea is a smooth, delicate-tasting, with a sweet edge that is delicious hot or cold, perfect plain or with milk. The ultimate plant-based beverage, it satisfies the most discriminating gourmand and its low caffeine content, about 20mg per cup, is half that of traditional coffee made from beans.


Made from the leaves (not the beans) of the superior Coffea arabica plant, Coffee Leaf Tea is the ultimate plant-based beverage with high amounts of antioxidants to fight disease (higher than in true tea) plus health-giving polyphenols like mangiferin and chlorogenic acids to help reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure.

Mangiferin, an active compound commonly found in mangos, is a phytochemical known for its cardiovascular benefits, anti-inflammatory compounds and protective aspects for heart disease and cancer prevention. Chlorogenic Acids, also found in the green coffee bean, is famous for its metabolism-boosting effect, and provides antioxidant help to fight disease.

Another element in Coffee Leaf Tea that’s vital to good health is nitric oxide which impacts cardiovascular health. It works with L-Arginine, an amino acid, to widen blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, and help relax the body. Diabetes and chronic kidney disease may result in a reduction or loss of nitric oxide that results in poor blood circulation. By adding a beverage to your diet that is high in nitric oxide, one may increase blood flow, reduce life-threatening blood clots, and enable everyone to fight or control autoimmune disorders, tumors, and infectious diseases.

Although a 5-minute steeping time is recommended, recent studies in British Columbia revealed that the longer coffee leaf tea is steeped the greater the potential for inflammation reduction and the positive impact of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory activity, and TPC (total polyphenol content) that can be absorbed by the body.


Arabica Earl Grey – A fragrant, fresh new take on the classic Earl Grey is made by pairing the spiciness of bergamot citrus with the light-bodied Arabica coffee leaves for a fruity hot beverage like no other.

Arabica Chai – Looking for a more exciting version of chai? Try our Arabica coffee leaves blended with traditional garam masala spices for a stimulating beverage that warms and relaxes the body while it stimulates the palate. Excellent for those who love milk with your coffee (or tea) and embrace the spiciness of traditional masala chai.

Arabica Lemon Turmeric – Our most healthful selection, this blends the health-giving benefits of golden turmeric with the soft taste of coffee leaves with just a sparkle of spice and a wisp of zest from sweet Meyer lemons. Exceptional morning, noon or evening. .

Arabica Mocha – Hints of nuts, chocolate, and coffee are rolled into one delicious mélange of flavors including toasted mate’ for energy from its mateine, and chicory, nut, chocolate, and mild coffee flavors to give a sweet edge to what will surely become your favorite beverage. This selection does have slightly more stimulants than other coffee leaf teas for those who love a bit of a kick to their brew.

Coffee Leaf Tea can be used in baking or cooking just as you use true tea in your favorite tea-infused recipes. Arabica Earl Grey Truffles or Arabica Mocha Shortbread, anyone?