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Tea and Comfort

by Cynthia Fazekas

Tea has a long history of being associated with wellness. One of the very first things the early tea sippers in ancient China noticed was the way drinking a warm cup of camellia sinensis made them feel, so this association is well entwined within the history of tea. In addition, herbal infusions (tisanes) are also universally seen as folk medicine and viewed colloquially as "tea." This presents a unique problem for passionate tea lovers and sellers who have fallen in love with true tea, camellia sinensis, for its wonderfully vast variety of tastes. The problem it presents is that people seek tea for potential health benefits versus how it tastes versus seeking it for the enjoyment value.

Coffee does not have this problem. Coffee is sought for two simple things: taste and caffeine. No one expects coffee to do more than these and often, the taste aspect is completely marginalized if the caffeine lift is desperately needed. Such luxury, right? Meanwhile, tea is expected to lift you, cure your ills, and abolish worldly woes as well as every pox known to man... more