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Being Leaf Friendly in A Bean World

by Cynthia Fazekas

With specialty tea continuing to gain ground as a go-to beverage at some point in consumers’ lives, coffee shops are seeking to embrace the trend and put more energy into their tea offering.

Baristas embrace the opportunity to use their creative brew skills to bring out the best in the leaf and to invent super tasty treats for their customers. They also are always eager to learn something new and accept new challenges to make the perfect brew.

When transitioning to a tea friendly shop, storage is key. Tea leaves are super sensitive to foreign odors and flavors, and can easily absorb coffee’s strong aroma. Store your teas away from direct light, heat, air, and moisture to preserve its nuances and freshness. If you are purchasing large bulk, be sure to seal the liner and carton up tightly after each refill. Well-sealed tea can stay fresh for 2-3 years, but is at its peak within a few months of purchase.

Shared equipment is a no-no when it comes to coffee beans and tea leaves... more