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Milk Tea, Boba and Kombucha Tea Base Suggestions

by Cynthia Fazekas

Great things come from great beginnings, and if your primary product is one of these popular drinks, you must start with high quality leaves to achieve the aspired greatness.

For these brews, most prefer unflavored pure teas, although flavored teas and herbals can also be successfully used. Please consider some of our most popular base teas for milk tea, boba tea and kombucha, described below:

Ceylon Sonata – This black tea OP grade from Sri Lanka is an all-star for many applications. Lively in the cup, it offers notes of red fruit, hints of citrus rind, a bit of caramel and a whisper of rose for palates that can discern such nuances. All these layers make it an ideal base for almost anything for which you need a classic black tea taste.

Gunpowder – A classic green tea from China, the best Gunpowder green tea is lightly smoky with mellow green tea notes. The gentle smoking of the rolled tea leaves, reduces astringency and adds a softness to the infusion... more