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Plan Your Autumn Tea Menu

by Cynthia Fazekas

While the August sun still burns brightly, each day is a little bit shorter as we approach autumn in the US. Now is the time to plan your autumn tea menu so you can purchase ahead and be ready when the hot tea seekers come calling.

Perennial autumn favorite flavors include but are not limited to: apple, pomegranate, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, pear, caramel, and of course, pumpkin.

For unflavored single origin teas, autumn picks are richer, fruitier oolongs like Wuyi Da Hong Pao or Formosa Bai Hao, toasty or nutty green teas such as Dragonwell (Long Jing) or Genmaicha (toasted rice Japan green), and deliciously deep and smooth China black teas, such as Keemun Mao Feng or Golden Yunnan.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that spiced teas, which in our American culture mean ‘chai’, are deeply desired. Those with hot, sweet spices remind of the comfort of mulled cider and cinnamon spiked apple pies should be at the ready.

As the days grow shorter, and the air more crisp and cool, our bodies change with it and desire deeper, more intense tastes... more