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Avoid the Holiday Blues with Self Care for ALL

Create a Quiet Zone to recuperate - kittens are optional.
Create a Quiet Zone to recuperate - kittens are optional.

The holiday season is not called “holidaze” for nothing. It can leave even the most veteran retailer or restauranteur reeling from increased demands from customers, staff, and suppliers. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid meltdowns and burnouts from even the most dedicated employee.


In an ideal situation, you could schedule specific break times for everyone each day but when there’s a line of customers out the door or the phone is ringing off the hook, that is not always possible, so you need to get creative about the necessity and accessibility of down time.

If you can open your business to your staff 15-30 minutes earlier, or close later, use that time for self care for you and your employees.

Or, make sure you have a dedicated break room or small space in the office area that can hold a table and 1 or 2 chairs where employees can enjoy a cup of tea and be quiet without any interruptions. Remember, this is not a lunch room or a training area, it’s a Quiet Zone to be used only for down time.

And, we’re talking to you, too, Business Owner. Carve out 10 to 15 minutes to brew and sip a cup of tea in a Quiet Zone to gather the strength and energy to continue the day offering the great customer service you are known for.

What exactly is a Quiet Zone? It is a place of restorative silence. No music, no conversation, just peace and quiet. No fiddling with phones. Seriously.

What else but sitting quietly can you and your employees do to de-stress? We have two vital suggestions: Stretch and Breathe.


Some minor stretching with or without a resistance band goes a long way to unkink stress in arms and backs after a lot of running around serving customers.


  • - Hold hands to your chest then stretch outward so your arms are outstretched, and go back to your chest. Do this slowly and steadily 5 to 10 times.

  • - Do a high step up and down in place, alternating with each leg.

  • - Hold your arms upward parallel to your head, gently and slowly bend down so that your upper body is parallel to the floor, then slowly come back upright and gently bend backward about 45 degrees and slowly come back upright. Do this 2 to 3 times.


    One of the simplest breathing meditations can be done sitting while waiting for the pot to boil. Close your eyes, and breathe in deeply through your nose for the count of 4, then hold the breath for the count of 4, then as slowly as you can, release the breath out of your mouth for the count of 8. Repeat two more times only.

    The benefit is not only a deeper enjoyment of your cup of tea, but renewed energy. All of you will be more productive, less stressed, and more eager to help give your customers their best shopping experience, ever.