April 18: Tax Day Promotions

Tax Day is approaching. This year it happens to be April 18 since April 15 falls on a Saturday. While everyone is hustling to file their taxes, a lot of businesses offer Tax Day freebies or deals. Dunkin Donuts for example, usually gives away a free donut or small iced coffee to help the defeated soul that might have lost some money or to entice the customer that may have received a check to spend their money.

[IMG ID=1]Live Free or Die....and pay taxes.[/IMG}

Tax Day freebies or deals are a great promotion to add to a day of the year that most people don’t look forward to. It gives customers a sense of being taken care of, or catching a great deal.

Try a Tax Day freebie on a cup of tea, or a discounted product. It’ll attract new customers and let the regulars catch a break on a stressful day.