Millenial Engagement

Over 158 million Americans are drinking tea almost every day and out of those, 87% are Millennials. With such a large percentage of tea drinkers being under the age of 30, it would be beneficial to use different marketing strategies to draw them in like moths to a flame, but maybe not as tragic.

What are things that attract Millennials? Well, for starters, they were born hooked up to computers and cell phones. A social media platform is a great way to spread your business name and garner a good reputation. Fair trade, environmentally friendly, and ethical businesses draw the attention of the young, so if you have a business tailored to being green, advertising it on social media will get you the right kind of attention. Millennials also like aesthetically pleasing photos, win their hearts with cute animals, memes, and cups of tea.

Millennials enjoy experience-based retail
Millennials enjoy experience-based retail

Keeping in mind the social media platform, transparency within a business is becoming a standard for improving customer loyalty. Everyone wants to go to a business they can trust. Being forthcoming on what the business stands for and the people that work behind it, creates a bond between the customer and business. Supporting the local community, hosting open mic nights, or just creating a community within your business will benefit in attracting not just young millennials but all kinds of customers. Social media can also be used to show the transparency. Have the employees showcase their favorite teas, post it on the Instagram or Facebook page. See how many likes you get.

Japanese culture is rather popular with a vast majority of Millennials who grew up watching Japanese animes and becoming enamored with the culture. Offering matcha, showcasing traditional Japanese cast iron pots, and even just decorating a business with oriental design can draw many people in. Incorporating elements of Japanese culture or other cultures and their tea ceremonies can create a wonderful experience for the customer and provide them with insight on things they may not have known or will not be able to experience elsewhere.

A big thing with Millennials is they are usually broke. Offering student discounts will definitely draw in a younger crowd. A lot of college students only shop in places that offer student discounts. Offering convenient bundle options for a portable loose leaf tea kit that they could take with them in their dorms will also draw the students in. There are many sides of business incentives to look at when thinking of students and their needs if they are adamant tea drinkers. Many students want portable tea for class, loose leaf thermos are especially great for that, or cute tea balls.

Design is everything. Millennials crave their independence, and being able to have stylized items to express themselves is exactly what draws them in. The more creative and unique the shop, the more likely it will be infested with under 30s. Offering fandom teas, or personalized mugs, or even just the decor of a shop will spark an interest for them to take lots of photos to post on their social media pages. Millennials prove to be the best at advertising a product with their constant tags on social media.