Autumn Tea Options for 2020

Consider our Spiced Apple Chai for your tea menu.
Consider our Spiced Apple Chai for your tea menu.

Back-to-school planning and the mere whisper of cooler weather means autumn is soon to arrive! Yay! For many, autumn is a favorite season with gentler temperatures and seasonal tastes and treats to look forward to. In this crazy year, it also means moving into the future, and eventually putting 2020 behind us.

Consumers are sad and stressed, so they need the tastiness and fun of autumn more than ever. The big coffee chains have already launched their pumpkin spice promos with summer still lingering in the twilight. No worries! We are ready! While pumpkin flavored coffee drinks pump up the pumpkin-centric consumer demand, tea retailers and tea bars can ride the pumpkin spice wave to success with our new and improved, Pumpkin Spice Tea.

For the consumer who opposes pumpkin flavored products, either because of personal tastes, preference to buck trends, or just because of pumpkin over load, there are other fruits and flavors to offer as well.

Spiced Apple Chai, Rooibos Cinnamon Apple, and Candy Apple black tea, are all tasty favorites for the season. You can infuse in hot cider or pair with cider donuts, apple fritters, or a big ol' slice of apple crumb pie to maximize seasonal enjoyment for your customers. Spiced Apple Chai as a latte drizzled with caramel sauce is a heavenly menu addition.

White Pear is a lovely light bodied yet complex option. Maple Crème Oolong is medium bodied, very smooth, and has the goodness of maple and crème flavors. So autumnal and so yummy! Also checkout Honeybush Pumpkin Chai for a caffeine-free pumpkin option, and the lovely herbal blend Pomegranate Grove.

With a diverse autumn menu, you can create tasty seasonal tea drinks and embrace the sales potential of what consumer seek for their personal tea treats. All of these teas are available in loose-leaf bulk for our registered business clients. Contact for samples. Happy (pre)Autumn!