Masters Teas - New Harvests Arriving!

Impress customers with gorgeous Masters Teas Snow Drop Jasmine
Impress customers with gorgeous Masters Teas Snow Drop Jasmine

Our new harvest Masters Teas are available for business purchasing!

While fruity fun teas and delectable dessert blends thrill the majority of tea consumers, some will seek a more authentic kind of tea experience. For this customer, you want to offer small lot, single origin teas that have natural complexity and character such as those offered on our newest website MastersTeas.com.

These types of hand made teas are worth offering, as they elevate your business in the eyes of true tea connoisseurs. By upping your reputation for quality, these hardcore tea aficionados will recommend you to friends and family for even the more mainstream teas.

These limited lots are packaged in small retail sizes for both freshness and affordability, you can easily offer them as is or change the presentation to your own packaging if preferred. We have integrated these beautiful teas into their normal tea categories (black, oolong, etc) so they are easy to find while shopping for your regular items. Minimum order is just six retail sizes of any one tea, and keep in mind that only a small harvest was made, so once they are out of stock, they will not return until the next harvest season.

Popular teas include our Qimen Caxia, which is the next level of China Keemun teas. Qimen Caxia offers the familiarity of a black tea with the complexity of a fine wine. It is smooth, layered, and truly offers a cup to savor. We also have some stunning jasmine teas that are carefully hand-crafted such as the gorgeous Snow-Drop Jasmine, which is listed on the website as Bi Tan Piao Xue, its Mandarin name. Tai Ping Hou Kui is an interesting showcase tea for both its lovely cup and very long leaf. Show off your Yixing teapot skills by coaxing these beauties into the pot without breaking them. Delicate and delicious!

Consider these very special teas as well for tea flights that take customers on a tasting journey and traditional gong fu brewing demonstrations. (Check out our new gaiwan, too!) People love to learn and sharing the next level of tea possibilities will entice further tea enjoyment and in turn, future purchases.