Assisting The Overwhelmed Customer

A wide product selection may induce decision fatigue
A wide product selection may induce decision fatigue

Walking into a well appointed tea shop with a wall of teas or even a café with a sizable drink menu can be intimidating for a new customer. Their eyes glaze over and decision making stress can take make them unsure about what to order. Be ready with guidance so your new client has a happy, successful experience.

Bestsellers! Your best sellers or most popular teas and beverages should be readily displayed, so the apprehensive client can easily select an item with a high probability of enjoyment. Also have your staff well versed in these so they can provide accurate information if a guest asks. Typically, bestsellers are benchmark products for which the consumer already some experience, such as Earl Grey. They may use something like this to provide a sense of quality based on their previous experience with other tea providers, tea drinks, etc. The same is true of breakfast tea blends, chai lattes, and these days, matcha lattes. However, you might have some truly unique bestsellers, so be ready to explain their flavor profile to ensure it agrees with the customer’s taste and have a benchmark standard or two on hand.

When new clients become overwhelmed, they do tend to like being told what to do and drink. If done with a gentle hand and a smile, you will have a successful sale. This can lead to the even better target – a loyalty repeat customer. The first contact of guidance and success establishes trust so your new customer will return gladly, happy with their choice to try a new place and at the delicious possibilities to be found by further exploring your business.