Ginger - A Spice For The Ages

Ginger Root - Tasty and Beneficial
Ginger Root - Tasty and Beneficial

Ginger has long been a favorite ingredient in tea all over the world. The well-known spice is thought to have originated in Maritime Southeast Asia. It was cultivated and spread throughout the islands, and later on to nearly all parts of the world.

It is used as a spice for its zesty nature and as a traditional medicine for a wide array of afflictions, many of which are now being supported by scientific research. These traditional uses include helping with digestion, relief from menstrual cramps, osteoarthritis, as well as vertigo and motion sickness.

Pair this reputation with the global fusion of regional cuisines, and everyone wants ginger! It’s great in desserts, entrees, soups, candies, and of course in tea blends. Ginger brings a bright note, a hint of earthiness, and a sweet-spicy liveliness to any blend it is a part of. The level of this can be balanced in relation to the other ingredients depending on whether you want it to dominate or just enhance the cup.

The characters and heat level of dried ginger root, the form typically used in tea, depends on the varietal, the growing region, and the quality just like any other plant product. As westerners have grown fond of Asian cuisines, the thirst for more ginger root tea blends and tisanes seems unquenchable.

We are happy to oblige and have just launched another ginger tisane. Please meet Double Ginger. Blended with our super hot ginger, green rooibos, red peppercorn, black peppercorn, orange peels, marigold petals, and natural flavors for a hot and fruity treat. If you consider all the spicy options on any fast casual menu these days, the demand for hot and spicy is also all the (firey) rage. Adding this or some other ginger based blends to your menu, will thrill the customer and spice up your sales!