Holiday Season Prep 2017

By all accounts, 2017 has been a tumultuous year. As the holidays approach consumers will be focusing on what they are thankful for and finding ways to embrace the little joys in life. Be sure they include tea as one of those gems! Make a strong impact of tea as a gift idea with varied gift options and price points. A tea sample or two with a teaware item is a great starting point. Build onto this with added teas and accessories (sugar, cookies, paper filters, etc.), and bundle them by theme.

Seasonal flavors and cuteness make good gifts!
Seasonal flavors and cuteness make good gifts!

Themes can be seasonal teas, single origin, favorite flavors and wellness teas as some examples. Wellness and herbals are among the strongest trends we have seen this year, and people continually turn to tea and tisanes for health benefits. Wellness is always a great gift!

Remember that during the holiday season store traffic will bring atypical visitors to your store, so have programs in place for return visits and keep your tea education game strong! It is a great time to turn holiday shoppers into permanent customers.

Adagio XL can help with bulk holiday teas that you can repackage under your own brand or packaged teas under our brand as well as a plethora of teawares and goodies. Contact us for guidance through the holiday landscape!