Tuareg Tea

Tuareg Man pouring some tea.
Tuareg Man pouring some tea.

The first taxi driver we had after landing in Las Vegas for the World Tea Expo told us a tale of the Tuareg people. Our driver was from Ethiopia, but an avid traveler having spent a few years in Europe. He had a friendly smile, and he seemed like a story teller. Between our small talk about tea, he could relate by telling us of the Tuareg people that live in the Saharan desert. He said the Tuareg had a tea that they drank that kept them from becoming dehydrated.

The Tuareg tea is a Moroccan mint tea that is enjoyed throughout the Middle East. A tea that I have grown up with. It is a heavy mint tea that is generally prepared with a lot of sugar. In the Middle East, it is a common ritual to invite someone to sit and have a cup of tea, especially amongst talks of business. The Tuaregs are a friendly nomadic group. Tea is part of their social rituals as well as their survival in the desert heat.

For anyone that wants to create an authentic Middle Eastern tea experience, a pot of Casablanca Twist heavy on the amber rock crystals will keep you cool on a hot summer’s day, try it out iced as well!