Election Year Tea Selling

Every four years the US goes a little crazy when the presidential election is at hand. This year is certainly no exception and quite possibly the worst one yet. What can a tea retailer expect?

The volatility of these campaigns has created unease within the general populace. Feelings of discontent can lead humans to avoid risks; so big company buyers might not be nibbling on even the tastiest bait. Projects will be stalled and generally those that move forward will be those regarded as "a sure thing."

Tea comforts in turbulent times
Tea comforts in turbulent times

Fear not, intrepid tea sellers! The good news is that even in times of turmoil, people gravitate toward that which brings them comfort. Commodities such as coffee, tea, donuts and the like will remain valuable and sought after affordable luxuries.

When promoting your tea and tea drinks, focus on comfort and general wellness. Taking a mindful moment to enjoy a favorite treat such as tea can contribute to not only easing oneself, but also to ripple outward to those sensitive souls around us.

Tea is a wondrous comfort food. The ritual of preparation, the deliciousness of each sip, the soothing effects of L-theanine, and the joy of a warm (or cool) cup in hand offers tremendous support for a weary world. There is no greater value.