Consistency: A Component of Success

Often we talk about so many other factors of running a successful business but one of the most important can be overlooked. Consistency is essential to maintaining long-term relationships with your customers. Consistency applies to several aspects. Here are three:

Service – This means a well-trained staff and clearly defined policies. If a first time customer has a great experience, you want to ensure they feel the same way after each and every visit. There can be no confusion amongst your staff about policies and product information. If customers are treated in a warm and friendly way with each visit, they will be more inclined to recommend you to others.

Staff should web well acquainted with all products.
Staff should web well acquainted with all products.

Products – As a retailer with multiple vendors, you might not have total control over every tea and tea ware item that you offer, but you can be vigilant about communicating product changes to your regulars. If your staff has a strong familiarity with each tea and tea pot, they can convey any harvest variables or other differences to manage customer expectations.

Appearance – While you are absolutely allowed to change the layout and displays of your store, the standards should be constant. Always be clean, uncluttered and welcoming. Dust, dirt and clutter can be a big turn off for guests. If your store is consistently clean and orderly, it can greatly enhance the store experience for each visitor every time they visit.