April Musings - Iced Teas

Spring is here in the northern hemisphere and thoughts are already turning to iced teas. It can’t hurt to plan your iced tea offering now so you can stay ahead of seasonal sold outs as new harvest time approaches.

Iced teas entice the thirsty shopper
Iced teas entice the thirsty shopper

Last year, Teavana/Starbucks had a big push for their green peach tea iced, which boosted everyone’s peach tea sales all summer long. Look for peach flavored teas to continue to trend in the iced category as well as hibiscus-based herbals for their caffeine-free appeal and tangy sweetness.

Lemonade iced tea drinks have been trending for a couple of years and will probably still be popular summer of 2016 as they are tasty and have a wide appeal to the mass consumer. Offering iced teas is a great way to sustain tea sales during the warm months when cold beverages win over hot.

Perennially popular flavors are peach, mango, blueberry, strawberry and mint. Stay abreast of the trends by watching the advertising of the big beverage companies over the next few months. Their well-funded, well-researched commercials have a way of seeping into the subconscious of the consumer and creating demand for trending flavors.