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You Asked For It (no, really you did!)

In recent months, Adagio Teas Wholesale has added some new features and we are working on still more.

Adagio Teas' dedicated wholesale website!
Adagio Teas' dedicated wholesale website!

Our wholesale website shopping cart will now retain items for thirty days so you can build a cart as you need product and come back to finish the order when ready. Busy shop owners are often interrupted while ordering and this new feature will keep them from wasting precious time by having to start over when coming back to the site.

Ceramic items are now available in 4 packs per color versus the cases of 12 we originally offered. They are at a slightly higher price to cover the labor of creating the 4 packs, but should be more convenient than the big cases.

In the works for later this year are stocking chest sizes of our most popular teas in our west coast warehouse for speedier service. This will be a test initially, but if it goes well we may add more. Also we are devising a customer loyalty program similar to the one we have offered to our retail consumers that will consist of a points system. The final details and coding of our website are in process.

Keep the great ideas coming – we are striving to please you!