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Teamap Gets A Facelift

Regular users will have already noticed Teamap’s new elegant design. With a color palette change and more concise layout, Teamap is looking better than ever!

Functionality remains the same, but the owner login box and "add your tearoom" button are now located on the right side and higher on the page to make them easier to find.

Looking spiffy there, Teamap!
Looking spiffy there, Teamap!

Autumn usually kicks off the busy season to tearooms. This is a perfect time of year to review your Teamap listing and make any needed updates. Be sure to add or update photos and refresh your overview section. A complete listing is sure to get attention!

Lastly, help us keep Teamap up-to-date with any closings in your area. When tearooms go out of business, the last thing on the owners’ minds is their Teamap listing. If you know of a tearoom that has closed, please send us a note and we will update accordingly!