Tea Menu Review

Ever wonder if your tea selection is doing its best for you? Are you missing trends and seasonal opportunities with your tea line? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, perhaps you would like a tea menu review.

What should be on your tea menu?
What should be on your tea menu?

Take advantage of our 15-year tenure in the specialty tea industry by having us review your tea menu. We promise to remain objective and suggest ways it might improve, even if that means suggesting other vendors’ products. Having a well-balanced menu can mean improved customer satisfaction and maximizing tea sales.

Use our experience to gain insight into what you (and your customers) might be missing. The best part is we will do it for free in order to simply offer support to our fellow tea pioneers. Of course, you are welcome to take or reject our recommendations as you see fit, but it can’t hurt to get an experienced opinion.

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