Staff Training

Pre-Holiday Season

As the holidays approach many of you are planning events, promos and gift offerings. As business starts to increase, so will the demands on your time and energy. October is likely the last chance you really have to get organized and trouble shoot your operations.

If you hire extra staff for the holidays, plan detailed training guides to make their transition easier. Prepare new hire packets with any paperwork you might need them to complete. Include basic rules and regulations to ensure they know what is expected. It also helps to get them started as soon as possible so they can learn the ropes before the full frenzy kicks in.

Time to prepare!
Time to prepare!

As you plan your events and promo calendar, also plan your social media push so you have a clear daily schedule that can be delegated if need be. Prepare copy in advance while you have the energy and focus and also with the option to delegate in mind.

Identify which of your vendors have the fastest turnaround. In the hopeful event that your key items sell out faster than planned and you need to refill the shelves quickly, it helps to be familiar with options available from your speediest vendors. Keep in mind that even those vendors normally quick on the draw, may experience slower ship times during the holiday crunch.

Tidy up! While there’s still time, take a critical look at your stock, retail and food prep areas for points of improvement. Reorganize and streamline processes to keep these areas neat, clean and easy to use. Making sure your set up is as intuitive as possible for new hires and harried staffers will pay off during the hectic holiday season. You’ll be glad you did!