Coming Soon - Pu'erh Blends

Along with the annual arrival of fresh teas from origin, this fall we will be adding four new in-house blends. Pu’erh tea is an aged tea where the leaves go through a natural fermentation process. The result is smooth and refreshing with reputed health benefits touted by popular health pundits. Their character is soft, earthy and woodsy but as it is unusual, some find it a bit off-putting initially. To get health benefit seekers past their early perceptions, we happily introduce four pu’erh blends:

Pu'erh Chorange – The Urban Dictionary defines this word as referring to a “simple-yet timeless-bonding of two favorite flavors to make a delectable Choc-Orange Concoction.” This is the exact combination of flavors in our new chocolate orange pu’erh blend, decadent yet uplifting with bright citrus notes and silky chocolate flavor.

Chorange, baby!
Chorange, baby!

Pu’erh Spice – Earthy pu’erh mingled with zesty spices for a warming comforting brew.

Pu’erh Hazelberry – Hazelnut and Strawberry play merrily together in this blend. A hint of cream adds a dash of softness.

Pu’erh Tahiti – Inspired by the black sand beaches and Pacific breezes of its namesake, this exotic blend offers an intriguing meld of papaya and coconut. Close your eyes and imagine you're there.

Let us know if these are of interest. They will be added for wholesale purchase soon!