Limited Edition - Rwanda Rukeri

If your tearoom or shop offers tea flights or origin tastings, you may wish to check out our Rwanda Rukeri offering. This full-bodied black tea has character reminiscent of Assam, Kenyan and some Ceylon teas. Rwanda is naturally suited for tea growing with high elevations, hot and humid climate, and nutrient rich soil, nourished by the volcanic mountains.

Rwanda is known for its wildlife preserves and lakeside getaways as well as having a third of the planet’s Mountain Gorilla population. If a trip is out of the question, take your customers on a global tasting session that includes a fine African tea.

Beautiful Rukeri leaves
Beautiful Rukeri leaves

In the cup it is hearty, with a bright astringency and notes of currant, malt, toasted bread and a hint of caramel in the finish. We only have a small amount so be sure to try some of this limited edition exclusively for our wholesale customers.