May 2012 - Iced Tea Strategy

Iced tea season might be here a little ahead of schedule this year, but May is always a perfectly good month to get started. With specialty tea becoming more popular, your iced tea offerings should be in great demand. Amazingly diverse and wonderfully refreshing, iced tea can both quench the thirst and convert the masses to the wonders of full-leaf tea.

While many people may not normally be tea drinkers in cooler weather, these same folks tend to consume iced tea regularly in warm weather. What better time to illustrate the deliciousness of high quality tea than during this tea-favorable season?

Coming soon!
Coming soon!

If using loose-leaf tea for your iced tea menu, be sure to promote this fact. Offer a visual display or pictures of your glorious leaf to take full advantage of your teas' superiority. Devise a creative iced tea menu that includes at least one non-flavored black and green tea, and a couple caffeine-free choices. Fruit tisanes make for delicious and refreshing chilled beverages, as do some green rooibos, rooibos and honeybush blends.

Many of the teas we offer in loose-leaf are great for serving chilled. In addition, we now offer pre-measured full-leaf sachets for making quart or gallon-sized portions in some of our best selling iced teas. Popular with our food service clients, they may also take the hassle out of iced tea prep. View the iced sachet assortment here.

Nearby in our teaware page, you may also wish to check out our Glass Pitcher and IngenuiTEA 32 oz. Both these items are perfectly suited to make a quart of iced tea, and help facilitate loose tea sales during the warmer months.

Lastly, if you need some brewing advice, please check out an older article: Making the Perfect Iced Tea or email me for suggestions. Have a Happy May!