March Transitions - 2012

March: The third month of the year and the end of the first quarter. It also signifies a transition in the northern hemisphere to spring and the vernal equinox. For tea sellers it can denote a transition in tea offering.

During the winter months consumers seem to gravitate toward spiced blends and heartier, full bodied teas. As the year progresses into the mixed bag of early spring weather, palates begin to seek lighter bodied teas and more fruity and floral choices.

Oolongs pair well with flowers and snow squalls
Oolongs pair well with flowers and snow squalls

Our tea suggestions for March are to keep a variety of choices for any kind of weather, but add a few light bodied options:

Oolongs are nice springy teas. Our Formosa Bai Hao and Wuyi Ensemble are two that seem to pick up pace this time of year and will certainly appeal to the tea purist. Great stand-alone (no sugar or milk) teas, these offer that certain something between black and green teas, lighter bodied than fully oxidized black yet far from grassy... comforting and uplifting.

For flavored fun, perhaps our Vanilla Green is a delicious lighter choice with the warming, rich notes of vanilla beans in a delicate China green tea base. A perfect transitional tea, it is sure to please green tea skeptics.

Also our Honeybush Apricot is a favorite treat with caffeine-free South African Honeybush and the sweet and bright flavor of apricots. It reminds me of the wonderful Hungarian cookies my lovely sister in law will be making soon for Easter!

Lastly, our fruit tisanes have been very, very popular lately - especially in South America. I urge you to check out some favorites such as Wild Strawberry and Berry Blast and see if they will suit your clients and events. They truly change the image people have of "tea" if they have only been exposed to sub par fannings or tea dust. Once they look at you with that big-eyed expression that says, "this is tea?" - you know you have them!