Teamap Promotions

One of the most popular features Teamap has to offer is the "Promote Your Tearoom" service. By using this function, tearoom owners can enter a promotional email that will be sent by the Teamap administrators to Teamap users who are registered to receive info in that Tearoom's locality.

Tearooms who successfully use this function have done so for events such as themed tea parties, monthly specials, lectures, readings, holiday tea menus and musical guests. The more creative the event the better for your promo email!

Teamap users seek tea events in their area.
Teamap users seek tea events in their area.

This feature, like all of Teamap is a free service provided by Adagio Teas. We want you to be successful and for tea lovers to know what is happening tea-wise in their area.

To use it, you must login into the admin for your Teamap listing. On the upper right, click on the link for "Promote Your Tearoom." Then click on "compose email." Make sure you include an event name and an event date. Add a description of the event; then scroll down in the box to "preview."

From there you can review the promotion and either click "go back" or "email announcement" on the bottom of that window.

Keep in mind that Teamap will only allow one email to be sent in your area per week. This means if your event dates are close to each other, you must enter them several weeks in advance in order to get them sent. Also encourage people in your area to sign up for Teamap notifications to build a good local list of email recipients.

We hope Teamap continues to bring you business and keeps tea lovers tracking to your door!