Blueberry Dreams


July is here and along with it blueberry season! Local blueberry growers are bursting with these delightful little orbs of flavor. Embrace the season and serve some fine blueberry inspired teas to delight your guests!

Here are our suggestions for July:

    White Blueberry – A best seller all year long, this variety is stellar this time of year for its light-bodied white tea goodness in addition to a summery blueberry taste. Good hot or iced.
    Berry Blues - A popular caffeine-free herbal blend comprised of apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, cranberries and blueberries. Refreshing and berry-licious, good hot or iced, some prefer this tisane with a little sweetener added, while others enjoy its natural tartness from the hibiscus.
    Blueberry Black - makes a great fuller bodied iced tea with blueberry taste. Perfect for blueberry sweet tea!

If you are looking for any easy way to brew pitchers of iced tea, please check out our 32 oz IngenuiTEA tea maker. Add the appropriate amount of tea to the IngenuiTEA and then add some hot water. Brew the recommended amount of time for that type of tea. Then dispense the brew by putting the tea maker over a pitcher of ice. The rim of the pitcher will push on a mechanism on the bottom of IngenuiTEA releasing the tea into the pitcher. The ice will quickly cool the tea and prevent clouding. Add more ice to chill to perfection! If you have any questions about using IngenuiTEA for iced tea please email me. Happy to help!