Botanicals Are Booming

Everything is coming up roses, as the old song says, but also hibiscus, apples, lemongrass, rose hips and a myriad of other botanical items that are trending intensely this year. Many consumers have incorporated some form of tea into their daily lives and it seems herbal infusions, aka tisanes are a staple.

 Beautiful Botanicals!
Beautiful Botanicals!

The health benefits of tea in general are widely accepted, and herbals are considered among the healthiest and have wide appeal as most are caffeine-free. This attribute makes them accessible all hours of the day as well as to children and other caffeine sensitive folks.

Most of the fruity herbal blends are also excellent as iced tea and quite refreshing. Be sure to review your herbal tea menu and enhance the assortment. We are happy to review and suggest!

Some favorites for the season ahead:

  • Berry Creme Compote - Rich, juicy berry notes with tangy hibiscus and a hint of creme. Wonderful!
  • Lemongrass Ginger - Bright lemon notes with warm, spicy ginger, cooling mint, and a hint of licorice root sweetness. Great for relaxing or as a tonic.
  • Turmeric Bliss - One of our very bestsellers with juicy fruit notes of mango and orange that offset the earthiness of turmeric. Bright and sunny!
  • Cha Cha -Lemongrass, mint, and chamomile form an all-star trio of deliciousness. Iced it and add a lime wedge for summery perfection.
  • Key Lime - Delicate key lime notes with a softening creaminess in a playful herbal base. Your tropical paradise awaits!
  • Wild Strawberry - An Adagio Teas classic and perennial bestseller. Bright strawberry notes with hibiscus, apples and rose hips. Wonderful as an iced tea with sliced berry garnish.
  • Peach Serenity -A bright punch of peach with a soft floral finish of chamomile. A new bestseller!
  • Passionfruit Tango - The flavors of passionfruit and mango sparkle on the tongue, making for iced perfection. Add a little sweetener to highlight the fruit notes.
  • Kona Pineapple -Finally, pineapple without the intrusion of coconut! Tropical and refreshing, yet light bodied for hot summer beach days. Top off with bright cherries for a garnish. Aloha!

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