Summer Sensations! NEW Blends!

Summer is here and hot weather refreshment means iced teatime! Americans notoriously drink more iced tea than hot, so warm weather should yield good business.

Take advantage of iced tea season sales with the yummy blends below:

  • Lemon Meringue Green - Mild green tea notes infused with the creamy citrus taste of lemon meringue pie
  • White Fuzzy Navel - China White Peony tea with playful tastes of orange and peach for poolside mocktail
  • Berry Crème Compote Herbal - Blissful berry infusion with hints of cream for a decadent treat
  • Key Lime Herbal - Tangy yet sweet key lime notes in a hibiscus based herbal. Citrusy and refreshing
  • Melonberry Green - Watermelon and strawberry in a green tea base for the best of summer mashup - add a little peppermint to enhance the deliciousness

    All make excellent iced tea for poolside, beachside and outside refreshments! Consider creating and including easy iced tea instruction cards with every fruity tea purchase. Visit Adagio Wholesale now to order!