Tea and Cider

For your seasonal promos, consider a tea and cider infusion to draw in sippers and home steepers alike. Spiced tea blends pair very well with apple cider for autumnal enjoyment.

Autumn beauty
Autumn beauty

Preparation can be done via heating the cider and steeping the tea directly in it (with an infuser or such apparatus) as you would with water. Alternatively, the tea can be steeped separately and strongly in a 2:1 concentrate. Then add the cider to dilute to desired strength. The natural sweetness of the cider should be all that is needed but a little brown sugar can be added if there’s any sharpness from the tea. Our favorites for this delightful concoction are:

  • Spiced Apple Chai
  • Rooibos Vanilla Chai
  • Masala Chai
  • Blood Orange

    But the possibilities are well beyond these. Tinker with several and see what your clients prefer. Offer recipe cards that indicate the tea used for those combinations you’ve prepared to facilitate loose tea sales. These are great hot or iced, so change them up with the weather. Happy sips!