Iced Tea Trends

As I type this, I know iced tea season is approaching even though the chilly wind and mostly bare trees create an illusion of November here in Connecticut. It is enough to send a ground hog back into hibernation. Only the bloom of some hearty daffodils indicate that spring is at hand. Thank goodness there’s tea, and my cup is currently steaming with a lovely roasted Dong Ding oolong from my personal tea stash.


As we eagerly anticipate the promised warm days of late spring, let us prepare for the glory of tall tea-filled glasses glimmering with the iridescence of condensation.

Trends this year will include the addition of fresh garden herbs to enhance the traditional iced tea glass. Keep fresh herbs on hand and use as a garnish or muddle in the bottom of a glass or pitcher, then add iced and tea. While mint is a classic, some of our favorite trendy combinations are:

  • Blackberry Tea and sage
  • Citron Green and cilantro
  • Dewy Cherry and basil
  • Rooibos Lemon Cloud and thyme
  • Some of these flavor combinations could also be used to revitalize a tired chicken salad recipe for the summer season for those on the tearoom world. A little pizzazz goes a long way to enliven your menu.

    Here is looking forward to calm winds, sunny skies and warm summer days. Cheers, tea friends!