Body & Soul Blends - Now in Loose Bulk

A couple of months ago, we launched a wellness herbal tea series called Body & Soul. It consisted of three wellness blends only available in loose-leaf teas as a gift item. Many of you expressed an interest in getting these tisanes in loose bulk to add your own special blending touch and rebrand. Happy to announce that with the popularity of these blends, we are now able to offer them to our wholesale clients in the loose bulk option. They can be found in our rooibos category of our wholesale only website, or via the gift section (scroll down to see the loose bulk.)

Tea-tox tisane to support modern needs
Tea-tox tisane to support modern needs

To recap, these blends are:

  • Tea-tox: blended with milk thistle, burdock, green rooibos tea, cinnamon bark, peppermint leaves, dandelion root & lemon balm
  • Throat Therapy: blended with licorice root, raspberry leaves, hibiscus flowers, orange peels, cinnamon bark, aniseed & slippery elm
  • Happy Belly: blended with senna leaf, licorice root, green rooibos tea, orange peels, chicory, aniseed, slippery elm, pu erh poe tea & ginger root

    The favorable reception of these three has us quickly working on a second set of three. Stay tuned!