Happy 2014 and New Year Strategizing

Hope everyone had a happy and successful Q4. Now the holiday season is behind us and the New Year is an open road! What is your strategy for 2014? What would you like to do better?

For some business owners the challenge will be inventory control. That is a moving target of course, especially with continued bumpy economics, but you can review 2013 sales, factor in promos and then make your best guess. Planning ahead with purchases can sometimes save by buying larger quantities at better prices, on shipping charges and can also save a lot of stress.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2014!
Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2014!

For others it will be marketing. How can you better use social media to connect to your current customers and find new ones? Do you have a marketing calendar for Twitter, Facebook and the like? You should! These portals are valuable when used correctly to express your business identity and stay on your customers’ radar.

Other areas of improvements could be tea training for yourself and staff, revamping your product offering or updating your business décor whether web based or brick and mortar.

Whatever your challenges were in 2013 now is a perfect time to reflect, strategize and improve. May all your goals 2014 goals be achieved!