Terrific Tisanes

Soul soothing and delicious!
Soul soothing and delicious!

Fruit tisanes are herbal blends comprised primarily of dried fruit and usually have the addition of some herbs such as rose hips and hibiscus. Historically popular in Europe, they have now developed a faithful following in the US. The infusions they yield are naturally sweet and if they contain hibiscus, refreshingly tangy. Most do not contain any true tea (camellia sinensis) and so are naturally caffeine-free. They can be enjoyed anytime of the day and can be served hot or iced. The strength and tanginess can be controlled by adjusted the amount used for infusion and the length of steep time. Sweeteners are optional and can balance the tartness if desired.

We see them pick up in popularity in January, as winter weary folks love the fruitiness. They keep going strong right into the warmer months as they make delicious iced teas and serve our food service clients very well!

While all are tasty, we find the ones below especially popular this time of year:

  • Blood Orange - This naturally sweet, caffeine-free tea pairs blood orange peels with hibiscus flowers and rose hips. Rich, hearty and tangy, with a good balance of orange peel dryness and fruit juiciness.
  • Wild Strawberry - Strawberries, apple pieces, hibiscus flowers and rose hips create a mellow, almost dessert-like tea. Sweet strawberry and sugared rhubarb aroma, beautiful warm berry color, pleasantly aromatic and not super sweet.
  • Berry Blast – Bold berry taste with hibiscus flowers, rose hips, cranberries, natural forest berries flavor and blueberries.
  • Pina Colada - A mouthwatering blend of ripe pineapple, succulent coconut, fresh apples, rose hips and tangy hibiscus flowers. Vivid flavor with citrus fruity notes and grounding sweetness from the coconut.