Wintertime is Tea Time

With the holiday season in the rear view mirror, we move boldly (mostly) into a bright and shiny new year. For most retailers this is a time of being less busy with the exception of gift returns and gift card redemption. Tea retailers slow down a little, but this is truly our busy time of year. Tea is a great companion for all winter activities such as skating, sledding and warming by the fire. Be ready for latte-loving warm beverage seekers looking to defrost from winter’s chill. Spiced teas and those with nutty flavors are usually preferred this time of year. Also appealing are citrus flavors which are a bright pick-me-up should the winter doldrums creep in.

Brrr! Tea makes the perfect anti-freeze.
Brrr! Tea makes the perfect anti-freeze.

If your clients are seeking to honor their annual health-centric resolutions, tea can fit this need as well. While all camellia sinensis teas have benefits to offer, green teas and white are the perceived super stars. Superior quality means no need for the addition of sweeteners or creamers.

Simple leaves and water make for a naturally healthy beverage choice. Herbals are also a popular choice, some for their relaxing qualities and others to energize. Don’t forget Pu Erh, mellow, earthy and forgiving, they are long revered for their ability to assist the body in many ways.

Our tea choices for January are:

  • Rooibos Vanilla Chai – Great for caffeine-free lattes or a late night treat.
  • Blood Orange – A bright and zesty fruit tisane with rose hips and hibiscus to keep away winter cooties.
  • Keemun Encore – Always a fireside, snowy day favorite with soft orchid, subtle smoky notes and a fresh baked bread character.
  • Pu Erh Dante – A starter Pu Erh to ease into the earthy, mellow sweetness of these fermented teas. A twist of orange can perk up the cup.
  • Mocha Nut Mate – Energizing, chicory-like toasted mate enhanced with cocoa nibs, chocolate flavor and hints of hazelnut.
  • Genmaicha – Japanese green tea with toasted and popped rice with a semi-sweet character and toasty, belly warming notes.
  • Citron Green – combines the best of green tea and the uplifting note of lemon and orange.