Tea and Entertaining

The holiday season means entertaining - possibly more so than any other time of the year. Encouraging customers to incorporate tea into their holiday settings builds and shares a warm, relaxing, tea-centric lifestyle. Inviting blends and charismatic teaware set the stage for adding tea to a holiday table. Create vignettes in your shop to show your customer an appealing display they can easily envision in their home.

Tea completes a welcoming holiday table.
Tea completes a welcoming holiday table.

If you have space in your store, consider adding a small table. Place settings complete with plates and flatware, seasonal place mats or tablecloths to create festive tone. Add an elegant or festive teapot to the table center to illustrate tea’s place as the focal point. If you can use a candlelit warmer do so, but if fire codes won’t permit, electric tea lights can certainly add the needed ambience and make the point effectively. Surround with seasonal decorations such as colorful gourds or holiday ornaments. Display teas that suit the holiday or compliment traditional meals. Be sure to also suggest caffeine-free options.

Another aspect of tea and entertaining is that many folks are lucky enough to simply be holiday gathering guests! These fortunate revelers may wish to bring their hosts a worthy gift for their hospitality. Have host/hostess gifts to offer for a variety of personalities. Offer a holiday blend set for the casual tea drinker and an artisan tea assortment for the connoisseur. Even if the guest isn’t sure of their host’s tea preference, ask if the hosts are known to be wine aficionados or true foodies. If so, chances are the artisan assortment will be a better fit. Pair either with an interesting or festive teapot, and the hosts will certainly be pleased (and your gift giving customer grateful.)