November is here! Are you ready?

And just like that - it’s November! Month of many things, November 2012 boasts a presidential election as well as the usual the kick-off to the holiday season. Post-election, hopefully everyone can relax, have some tea and chat about the weather.

November brings many wonderful things!
November brings many wonderful things!

From chatting with clients and tea friends, it seems many of you have planned ahead for your holiday gift options. Great work! Good planning and early purchasing takes so much of the stress off the already hectic season. While it is hard to know exactly how much product will move and the mood of the seasonal shopper, tea sells well all through the cooler months so the risk is minimal.

Even if you have yet to place a holiday order, fear not! Make a quick plan based on last year’s sales, add any anticipated growth (yes, it is speculation, but consider it an educated guess), and then divine any gut feelings. (There’s something to be said for a little intuition.) Check with your vendors for any holiday offerings, gift options or seasonal bestsellers and order away. Then you can focus on other parts of your business such as extra staffing, promos and teasers to entice return visits after the holidays. (January wellness events?)

After all of your planning and ordering is done, be sure to take a break. The next several weeks are traditionally hectic and your health is of prime importance. Too many business owners are prone to long hours and self-sacrifice. Taking good care of yourself is important to your business as well! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and many Happy Sips!