Leaves are Falling - Q4 is Calling!

Leaves are falling, pumpkins are aglow and evenings are chilly, which can only mean it is October- and officially fourth quarter. Now is the time to ensure bright holiday successes by drawing in customers who seek warming refreshments and getting them to think TEA for holiday gift giving.

Plan your gift offering as soon as possible and have teasers available to entice customers. These can either be in the form of artful signage of awesome gift ideas or take away fliers/coupons that offer a free gift or percent off for a return visit during the holiday season. Be sure to include popular shopping dates to encourage traffic to your store during those times. The idea is to get them to return to your store specifically, so dated coupons are ideal.

Plan ahead or Q4 could get scary!
Plan ahead or Q4 could get scary!

Post an event calendar now so visitors can see what may be of interest in the coming busy months, and encourage early sign ups with special gifts and bonus deals for bringing in a friend. Planting the seeds of tea giving early will bear fruit in the future when gift seekers are in the throws of holiday hassles.

By providing convenience, various price options and of course, great tea and wares, your shop can be a holiday shopper’s paradise! Plan ahead and communicate often!