August 2012 Issue
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Ceramic Teaware – A Rainbow of Options

by Cynthia Fazekas

Grasshopper Green!

Our long popular personaliTEA ceramic teapot is now part of a family. Previously, this 24 ounce, easy to use little beauty was only available in snowy white. We are very pleased to announce a plethora of colors to match different moods, themes or décor. Durable and easy to use with its included stainless steel infuser, this handy teapot has blossomed into a rainbow of options. The wheel of color consists of barn (red), black, chocolate, plum, orange, sky and my personal favorite – grasshopper.

If this news isn't enough to have you clicking over to our wholesale website - there's more! For each color, we now offer matching ceramic teacups! They are sold separately so you or your customers can mix and match. Stylish and functional, each cup has a white interior to best display the beautiful infusion colors of tea. The tea world just got a bit prettier! Order soon for the best selection.