Season of the Leaf

With most of summer in the rear view mirror, it is time to keep a keen eye on the road before us. Some of the more savvy tea businesses have already begun their planning and purchasing of teas and wares for the fall and holiday seasons.

Determining what to buy and how much is always tricky business but as stated in previous articles, even if you carry some product into January, tea is a mostly a cold weather business so any excess stock should sell right through the rest of winter.

Tea season cometh-plan ahead!
Tea season cometh-plan ahead!

In addition to teas and wares you should also be planning events. With so much interest in tea these days "Tea Appreciation" events should be included in your late year schedule. Everyone successful in the specialty tea industry knows how essential education is for growth and it never stops! Exposing consumers to the value of high quality tea and why it is so special is still vital to winning new customers and facilitating tea culture growth far and wide.

Tea events can be as simple as a lecture of the different types of teas or as complex as a Japanese or Chinese tea ceremony demonstration (if you can find a local expert.) What is important is letting the customers try different teas, talk about them and learn that there is more to a hot beverage than gut-busting lattes. In addition, in hosting these events you create a valuable connection to the customer that will have them wanting to support your business and see you as their tea guide.