Summer Survival

Summer can be long and painful for the fine tea purveyor. Even though iced tea is such a popular beverage, traditional hot preparation is what sustains throughout the year and generally the focus of tea businesses. And given the current economic climate, this means more pain for most than the usual seasonal slowdown.

Summer survival can be tasty!
Summer survival can be tasty!

In speaking with many business owners, the ones who are doing well seem to have a common approach: Offering fine, tantalizing ice teas and tea drinks with a focus on a younger clientele seem to keep business lively. Also demonstrating iced tea recipes and associated brewing apparatus, such as ingenuiTEA, keep interest piqued and spur sales.

Tea classes and tastings are offered to drawn people in and naturally, once they taste a high quality product and experience the ease of making a loose leaf brew, the more likely they are to see the teas as their affordable luxury and as a respite from the summer heat. Even in a tearoom setting the goal is to get attention and people in the door. You might have to part from your usual tea traditions to generate interest - at least for a short time.

Another commonality among successful summer and recession proof tea businesses seems to be their marketing approach. Staying visible via social media such as Facebook and Twitter build and reinforce connections to the communities around you and your client base.

Finally one more thing they have in common - TeaMap! This resource is so valuable for visibility, promotions, coupons and events and it's absolutely free! Be sure to use all it has to offer!