Springtime Cometh

For many this winter seems especially long and for those in the Northern states - especially cold. But small signs in nature let us know spring is on the way, such as birds returning, twilight coming a bit later, and the occasional semi-warm day.

Chances are good your customers have a touch of cabin fever, which will segue this month into an acute case of spring fever. Welcome the arrival of nature's reawakening with spring themed events. A chance to learn paired with having tea is a win-win.

Nature's reawakening.
Nature's reawakening.

A popular theme is gardening. Ask a local garden center to provide an expert to speak about regional tips, common gardening mistakes and end with a question and answer session with your guests.

The same can be done for other seasonal activities. Invite an organizational expert to speak about clearing out and controlling clutter and perhaps offer tips for household spring-cleaning. The more useful the information offered, the greater the appeal. Wedding planners, tax consultants, and the like call can talk on needed topics.

But maybe it is you who needs to get out and about. Consider taking your tea service on the road. A special tea at an unusual setting can be just the thing to stimulate your clientele and your enthusiasm if you are in a rut. You could have the tea at the garden center or conservatory and provide information about your tearoom once the guests sampled your teas and other goodies. Local attractions such as aquariums, museums or historic homes will benefit from the attention and should welcome the opportunity to host a tea event.