Affordable Gifts

Affordable Gifts
Affordable Gifts

Retailing in this unsteady economic climate has been particularly challenging. Fortunately, tea is one of the healthiest comfort foods as well as an affordable luxury. It seems the tea retailers that are doing the best are the ones who really understand this and are able to convey it to their customers.

This is not the year for useless gifts or being overly extravagant. Giving the gift of tea says, "I care about you - body and soul" while still staying within a budget. Grouping a few teas together, usually by theme and adding some simple tea wares to complete the set is easy and makes extremely affordable gift.

Keep and eye on the final price as you put together gift sets and baskets and try to keep things simple. Create sets with themes such as green teas, oolongs, flavored (perhaps holiday) teas or caffeine-free and add a simple brewing vessel such as a small tea pot, mug or cup with infusers or even just a box of paper filters. Three to five teas should be sufficient.

Go up a price level by adding a second cup or mug or a larger teapot. To further enhance the tea experience, add something like an electric kettle, gourmet cookies or a high-end assortment of tea samples.

Have gift sets ready to go and beautifully displayed for the most convenient shopping experience for your client. Making their day easier will be greatly appreciated. Have the sets labeled with theme and price so they will easily be able to choose and move to the checkout.

Lastly, offering brewed tea to sip while they shop is a welcome treat. Keeping them hydrated and happy will win their loyalty and possibly introduce them to a new tea!