Feeling Peachy

Every now and then we will notice a flavor trend blip on our radar while looking at other stats. Most recently, it appears that peach-flavored teas are unusually popular as we roll into summer. Sometimes national chains promoting a special item, such as beverage or confection, foster these trends. When this happens, it can leave smaller retailers scrambling to respond to what the taste seeking consumer desires and vendors like us to ensure we have enough product blended to support them.

Prepare for peach cravings.
Prepare for peach cravings.

Without further delay, here are our peach-themed teas, just in case you are seeing the same trend:

  • White Peach – While this year’s version is a smaller, cut-leaf White Peony base, the cup is the same with sugared peachy notes and fine whispers melon.
  • Peach Oolong – A long time favorite of all Adagio Teas’ customers, and a summer bestseller for its smoothness as an iced tea.
  • Ginger Peach – Classic peach and apricot flavors with the bright tingle of ginger. Truly wonderful iced.
  • Rooibos Peach – For those who seek caffeine-free options, the sweetness of red rooibos with the notes of juicy ripe peaches is a delight.

  • You might even consider blending any of these with another flavor to create something unique to your business. Blueberry, Wild Strawberry and perhaps something nutty like our almond tea would make a lovely combination for iced tea offerings.