Blender Musings: Bourbontucky

Inspiration can come from the oddest places. Recently, we watched a documentary about bourbon, which struck a chord within. With elegance and warmth, the film informed the viewer about what bourbon is, where it comes from and most importantly about the passion of its devotees and distillers.

Tea is my bourbon.
Tea is my bourbon.

While tea and bourbon would seem to be worlds apart, this beautifully done film calls to mind the thrill a tea enthusiast has for what they sip. Interviews with master distillers reveal dedication, appreciation and a sense of perfection for the creation of their final product. Each spoke with pride about what they have been able to contribute, their process and quality of their ingredients. From the special nature of the limestone filtered Kentucky water to the perfectly matured sweet corn used to create the mash to the charring of the white oak barrels for aging, no detail is taken for granted.

Then they spoke of the flavor. They spoke of how they each enjoyed bourbon their own way. Nobody cast aspersions on anyone for adding water or soda or any other additive. They just wanted their product enjoyed. How beautiful is that?

Now don’t think this writer will be casting aside camellia sinensis for glass of bourbon anytime soon with a physiology way too delicate for such strong spirits. But inspiration was found; new blend ideas were spun and great joy felt at the wonder of similar passion for beverages that offer something special – to simply sip and savor.

Whatever fuels your fire, may it keep the passion burning bright. Cheers!