Teamap Update - February 2011

For those of you who regularly manage your Teamap listing we have some updates to tell you about, but we want to start with a little basic information for those who may not be that familiar with some of the features:

You now have the power!
You now have the power!

On any Teamap listing there are two types of photos that can be added. The first are the Interior and Exterior pictures that are uploaded through the admin section by the shop owner. The second are "user submitted" pictures. These can be uploaded by anyone who has visited your tearoom or shop and wants to show pictures of the good time they had at your business. No login is needed to add them. Many shop owners ingeniously have used this feature to add additional photos themselves to enhance their listing.

Change No. 1 - The images were previously viewable by clicking on their assigned number under where they were displayed. Now you can scroll through them by simply "mousing" over.

Additionally, all images had to be re-sized and added to Teamap by a technician at Adagio Teas (the site host) which often caused significant lag time for them appearing on the listing. Also they had to be removed by an Adagio tech if you wanted to make changes.

Change No. 2 - Now user images will immediately appear on your listing without the need for resizing by us.

Change No 3 - Shop owners can now manage the user submitted pictures via the admin section. You can remove any pictures deemed inappropriate or when you wish to update with fresh pictures.

Teamap is a great tool for promoting your tea business and attracting new customers. Your listing details should provide any information that will help potential customers know what to expect. Pictures are a great way to convey this and we hope these new changes are beneficial to all.