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Holiday Season Survival

Holiday Season Survival
Holiday Season Survival

Every shop owner and tearoom owner I've gotten to know over the years has a tendency to work themselves into oblivious this time of year. This season especially you might have not hired as much help as in years past with the dismal economic news. Remember that managing stress is as vital as managing your business, so here a few tips for keeping yourself healthy this holiday season.

Taking breaks
Make sure you have at least one person who can handle the helm for you. Work out a schedule when one of you can have a complete day off at least once a week. Also take breaks during the day when you are at work. Everyone needs an occasional time out.

Eat well
You know to have a good cup of tea but please also remember fruits veggies and some lean protein at every meal. Do not skip meals, especially breakfast. Would you let your children do so? Keep healthful snack on hand so you are not tempted by high calorie treats.

Stay hydrated
Water and tea - drink plenty. 'Nuff said.

Stop drinking caffeinated beverages a few hours before bedtime to fall asleep more readily. Try to leave the concerns of the day out of the bedroom. Completely relax and sit quietly and hour before bed. Get at least six hours of sleep but try for at least eight.

Just walking a little each day helps reduce stress and keeps your mind sharp.

Stay Organized
Take some time each day to reorganize. Doing so will help keep you sane and you won't stress as much about needing to do it or worrying about your to-do list.

There are probably tasks you do not have to do yourself. Identify them and assign them to helpers, be they staff members or family.

Family and Friends
Make sure you spend at least a little time with the people who are most important to you and who want to see you the most. Doing so will help you feel less isolated in the holiday crush and less guilty at the end of the holiday season. Studies show spending time with loved ones helps reduce stress!

All these things may seem easier said than done, but following even a few can help greatly. We at Adagio Teas wish you good health, happiness and a successful season!