Online Tearooms Directory - Now Live

The number of places serving great tea is growing like mushrooms after rain, and is no longer restricted to larger metropolitan centers. More and more people are getting the courage to buck the coffee-obsessed habits of their communities, and present a healthy alternative by way of opening a tearoom. The number of these is growing by the day.

 Teamap offers visibility to tea rooms and shops.
Teamap offers visibility to tea rooms and shops.

To help tea fans stay abreast of the constant flux of tearooms opening (and unfortunately closing), the folks at Adagio Teas have recently unveiled an online directory dedicated to this task only. Appropriately enough, it's called TeaMap.

The TeaMap directory aims to be the most complete and up-to-date source of tearooms information available anywhere. Its main advantages over similar print-based efforts are the relevancy of its timely information as well as a much wider audience base. No print directory could possibly match the speed of providing similar info online. Or justify providing this information free of charge. As a result, many more people will learn about your tearoom via TeaMap than via any other directory.

In addition to timeliness, TeaMap will also stand out by the relevancy of the info it offers. In addition to the simple listing of tearoom's name, address and phone number, each entry contains a map pinpointing its location (to make finding it easier) as well as two photos - an interior and exterior views. You have invested a great deal of time and effort to make your tearoom a desirable place to visit. Give prospective customers a glimpse to make their first visit much more likely.

Alongside photos, each listing contains reviews posted by people familiar with your establishment. Word-of-mouth accolades are surely the most effective means of drawing others to visit you. Your reviews on TeaMap will work similarly, by sharing these insights with all likely visitors.

Listing in TeaMap is free. And your tearoom is already included. We hope you may take a few moments now to make your entry more appealing. It's very easy to do. Simply provide us with two photos: an outside and inside view of your establishment. And a bit of text that will highlight your appeal, giving customers an added reason to visit you. Not sure what to include? Please view examples at www.teamap.com.

Please also confirm that we have correctly listed your address and phone number. And please list your hours of operation. And a web address if available.

We also suggest you add a "special offer" coupon. Such as a free cup of tea. Entice new customers to visit you, and they will surely be coming back for more. Participation is optional. And you may discontinue at anytime. To give this feature a try, simply let us know which "special offer" will suit you best.

Please email photos and text to teamap@adagio.com.

We hope you may wish to be included. And will drop us a note if you have any questions or suggestions. We'll be happy to reply.